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The Djarrak Miyalks put in a terrific performance in the Grand Final Qualifier top of the table clash against Gopu. Unfortunately some inaccurate kicking at goal in the third quarter was the only difference which resulted in a loss of Djarrak FC 6.10 46 - 8.7 55 Gopu FC. The Miyalks did everything asked of them plus more and played with finals intensity throwing everything at the contest throughout the thrilling match.

There were stars all over the ground with everyone playing a role. Upforward RakRak and Rokuwuy were brilliant, and well supported by the smalls. Gawiya was terrific and almost saved the match when thrown into the backline in the last 5 minutes with a couple of exceptionally courageous plays. Bunganga and Teneka were fantastic at every opportunity. Shanita and Kaya starred in the mid field and Ashanti was a force all over the ground. Kerry again showed size does not matter with her incredible ability to run. Bridgette and Sarah were always dangerous along with the classy Bayini. Keisha was superb and Jacinta played a utility role to perfection. Heather and Rachael did an excellent job tagging the oppositions no.12 who had potential to blow the game open but was never given the chance due to their tenacious efforts.

Nikki was outstanding playing her usual quarterback role and exerting hell and fury on the contest. Shannon saved a number of goals with her ability to read the play at the last line of defence. Kate and Dyahn played there roles incredibly well when given the opportunity. We were blessed with a huge interchange bench and this new luxury meant some stars were not given quite as much ground time as we would have liked as we are still learning how to improve rotations and thank all girls for their patience with this. Next week we face Nguykal for a place in the Grandfinal and will be focussing on our goal kicking at training and interchange rotations.

All girls are encouraged to come tuesday and thursday at 5pm for our own training sessions which will be separate to the mens given the fantastic numbers attending. The Miyalks would also like to congratulate the Mens team on their win and hope to join them on Grandfinal day!

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