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Miwatj Health supporting the program

The Rirratjingu Football Program hosted Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporations Rachael Walker, Alcohol and Other Drugs Clinician, for a education session focusing on how alcohol consumption can affect athletic performance. Walker provided examples of how alcohol is detrimental to football outcomes when abused the nights leading to game day.

Walker is the partner of Djarrak Football Club ruckman Timothy Blake and this dynamic should see good traction for future sessions.The session was well received by participants and the issue was again raised post training.

Miwatj Health through the former Healthy Lifestyle Program delivered the Rirratjingu Football Program in 2015/16 and they continue to be a key stakeholder moving forward as we look to add positive layers of education and life experience to our participants.

Head Coach Hayden Rickard was enthusiastic when asked about the influence Walker can bring to the program going forward. He said "It was a great session today. Rachael has already built up a nice rapport with the group. We have a very strong stance around alcohol not being available when we are travelling. Its a challenge after a long day at football with the after-match at a club environment. He added "We can control that area but Rachael can get the guys considering how they use alcohol in a context away from the field. It was a learning experience for some of our group. We want to get better every session and Miwatj Health can help us on our journey".

In football news, the program has it largest contingent of the season travelling this week. Premier League and Division 1 players include Cameron Stokes, Djayminy Marika, Shaun Mununggurr, Brendan Marika, Tyrone Dhagapan, Shem Williams-Browne and Justin Burarrwanga and Under 18 players Lee Mununggurr and Billy Wanambi.

The Rirratjingu Football Program falls within the Social Programs arm of Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation.

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