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Djarrak Football Club Team Manager Danny Beadman has seen the club toil hard, suffer losses, win premierships and now has a keen eye as the club rebuilds its player list and commits to new standards off the field. Beadman was a key contributor to the successful Rirratjingu Football Program 2015/16 and his rapport with the Djarrak FC playing group ensures a smooth operation on training and match days.

Wherever Beadman goes, his trusty sidekick Joey will not be far behind with the Chihuahua adopted by team members as an integral piece of the club fabric.

Beadman is originally from New South Wales with a lot of time spent in Penrith which explains his adoration of the Penrith Panthers NRL Team and recently getting on the GWS Giants band wagon that represent Western Sydney.

He has been involved in sports all his life and particularly in the Northern Territory where he was founder of the Anmatjere Cowboys AFL team that was named after the local 'Ringers' in the area. After his time spent in the desert Beadman moved north to Katherine where he forged a relationship with The Katherine Barbarians Rugby Union Club.

Sport has been very important in Beadman's latter years and he volunteers his hours for his chosen clubs and is never shy to lend a hand. He is responsible for the key relationship between Djarrak FC and Datjala Work Camp that has seen a number of camp participants further their integration into society through the football club.

Djarrak FC Head Coach Hayden Rickard was full of praise for his valued peer. He said "Every club or sporting organisation has that key person that would give the shirt off their back for the team, here at Djarrak FC thats Danny. He's such a selfless bloke and he epitomises what it means to put the club before yourself. He added "Theres no better person to have beside you, especially in such a tough season we have had this year. We are trying to be better people here at Djarrak FC and Danny is a key driver and example of that".

Beadman is in his ninth season with the club and has worked with a number of club coaches including Vernon Patullo and Richie Seden.

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