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Djarrak Football Club Head Coach Hayden Rickard cut a frustrated figure after a second loss to community rivals Nguykal Football Club earlier today. "Its down to discipline" he said. "We address communication and accountability on Tuesday and Thursday. Come game time, some of our players go into their shell. Its just bloody disappointing that we had a good build up for this and then we switch right off come the big moments." he added.

The rebuilding side has had a core of football experience depart the club this season. Rickard and Djarrak FC Manager Danny Beadman have worked hard to nurture the new group through a tough period for the reigning premiers.

Lapcy Mununggurr and Ashley Brando we dangerous in front of goals and threatened throughout the match. Veteran Michael Maymuru continues his form this year and he has set a benchmark for smalls over the past decade at Gove AFL level.

DJARRAK FC VS NGUYKAL FC Lost 11.11.77 - 14.7.91

BEST: 5 Lapcy Mununggurr, 4 Ashley Brando, 3 Michael Maymuru, 2 Max Ah Fat, 1 Justin Burarrwanga

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