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Djarrak Football Club found work difficult in showery conditions to beat a plucky Baywarra Football Club by 13.10.88-11.10.76 in the first match played at Hindle Oval for Gove AFL Season 2016. In similar fashion to Round 1, Djarrak FC were guilty of poor option taking which resulted in a messy first half of football that didn't make for spectacular viewing for the supporters in attendance. Slippery conditions made life difficult for both sides yet it was superior ball use that saw Baywarra FC dominate the first half.

A willingness to worker harder on the man in the defensive zone allowed a number of opportunities for Oscar White to rebound off half-back and start Djarrak FC's run and spread game. The match began to open up and this suited our on-ballers and Brendan Marika, Shaun Mununggurr and Ricky Rose were again threatening when in possession. Shaun Marika and Justin Wunungmurra worked hard in the ruck, yet communication lets the team down in a number of areas including contests and option taking.

Lapcy Mununggurr had a busy day in the forward line and was well complemented by Michael 'Longy' Maymuru who had a roving commission around the ground but was especially dangerous in front of the goals.

Despite the win, Djarrak FC Head Coach Hayden Rickard presented a frustrated figure when asked his thoughts on the game "I'm happy for the club, we needed a response from last week and today we ended up with the win. I can see so much potential with this group but we just have to work really hard, we were so quiet out there today - our talk, our energy - some of our options were really selfish. We have a mixture of youth and experience, its a balancing act at the moment and I'm really looking for some of our young players to develop quickly, the efforts there, we just need to play smarter and add some selfless habits". "Baywarra will be feeling like they let an opportunity slip I imagine, they caused us problems today. Our guys hung in there, it wasn't panic stations and we managed to turn the tide. We have a huge home game next week, we look good on the injury front with soreness being our main problem so I expect some selection headaches next week" he added.

DJARRAK FC 13.10.88

Goals: 6 Brendan Marika, 2 Shaun Mununggurr, DJ Marika, 1 Lee Mununggurr, Michael Maymuru, Jayson Wilson

Best: 5 Brendan Marika, 4 Shaun Mununggurr, 3 Shaun Marika, 2 Max Tippett, 1 Lapcy Mununggurr

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